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  • Can support your compliance with insurance policies conditions and fire safety regulations.
  • To improve the hygiene levels and maintain a high standard of hygiene in your kitchen extract system, reducing the risk of cross contamination.
  • Increased kitchen extraction system efficiency with promoting the free flow of air.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of fire by removing carbon deposits and grease build-up.
  • The post-clean TR19 compliant report demonstrates acceptable hygiene levels in your commercial kitchen canopy and kitchen extract duct systems and demonstrates that you have taken fire safety precautions.

TR19 are guidelines of good practice created by the BESA, on the subject of the internal cleanliness of kitchen ventilation systems. TR19 guidelines are used to standardise cleaning and they recommend the monitoring and maintenance of kitchen ventilation and extract systems, to help reduce the risk of kitchen fires. The document was updated in July 2019 with more stringent guidance and criteria that service providers must meet in order

The TR19 cleaning standards are guidelines and not currently a legal requirement, however many insurers use TR19 as a standard within their insurance policies and make it a condition of cover that planned maintenance is carried out. If your business does not maintain adherence to TR19, it could increase the risk of fire within your commercial kitchen and lead to higher insurance premiums.  In the event of a kitchen fire, your claim could become void if this evidence of compliance with TR19 is not provided, and if you have not used a TR19 complaint service provider.

RoSmart Cleaning is a TR19 compliant service provider and our deep cleaning service is carried out in line with BESA’s guidelines. The technicians carrying out our kitchen extraction and ventilation systems have undergone BESA accredited training and hold indate qualifications. A TR19 compliant report is provided with every service and can be used as evidence of deep cleaning and your compliance. Our team are experts in TR19 and can offer advice, as well as a recommendation of cleaning frequency to help ensure that you remain compliant.

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