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Professional Cleaners For Kitchen Extraction Systems

Have you been searching for professional kitchen extraction cleaning solutions? Does your ventilation system need cleaning out? Our team here at ROsmart can offer extraction system cleaning solutions right here in London.

For many years, we have provided customers in London and the nearby areas with various extraction system services. We have experience working with clients from various sectors and have established a solid reputation for our service quality.

We can handle all of your cleaning, maintenance, installation, and servicing requirements because we are one of the top extraction system businesses in the region. Kitchen grease extract can be one of the leading fire hazards in a commercial setting; ventilation systems become clogged and can cause severe damage to your commercial kitchen.

Contact ROsmart first if you’re looking for London extraction cleaning services. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to guarantee a professional and effective service because we have years of experience in the field. Contact us immediately, and we’ll gladly review your extraction system needs.

The Importance Of Cleaning Kitchen Extract Systems

Our team here at ROsmart offers cleaning kitchen extraction systems because it is essential for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is fire safety. Grease and other flammable materials can build up in the exhaust hood, ductwork, and fan, creating a severe fire hazard.

Regular cleaning of the kitchen extraction system can help remove this buildup and reduce the risk of fires. With a regular extraction fan deep clean and duct cleaning, London can remain protected from grease deposits. Our fully qualified technicians can clean your extraction and ducting system.

Another reason why cleaning kitchen extraction systems is essential is for health and hygiene. A dirty kitchen extraction system can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, which can cause health problems for both customers and employees.

This is especially true in commercial kitchens where large quantities of food are prepared and cooked daily. Regular cleaning can help prevent harmful microorganisms’ growth and improve overall hygiene. Our team can install access panels to perform the extraction fan cleaning you efficiently require; following all the safety requirements, we can clean your extractor fan without worry.

Regular cleaning can ensure that the system is working correctly and that the air in the kitchen is clean and safe to breathe.

Speak to our team today for a FREE quote and remove a potential fire risk from your commercial property.

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How Often Should You Clean The Extractor Fan?

The frequency with which you should clean your commercial extractor fan depends on several factors, including the type and volume of cooking in your kitchen, the size and complexity of your exhaust system, and local health and safety regulations.

As a general rule, it is recommended that you have your commercial extractor fan and exhaust system cleaned at least once every three to six months. This is in line with fire regulations and also health and safety requirements.

However, some kitchens may require more frequent cleaning, particularly those that use heavy grease, oil, or other flammable materials in their cooking processes.

Additionally, it is a good idea to have your exhaust system inspected regularly by a professional such as us here at ROsmart Cleaning to assess the buildup of grease and other contaminants and to determine the appropriate cleaning frequency for your specific kitchen.

Ultimately, cleaning your commercial extractor fan aims to maintain a safe, healthy, and efficient kitchen environment. So, while the recommended frequency is a good starting point, you may need to adjust your cleaning schedule based on your kitchen’s unique needs.

Speak to our team, and we can come and provide you with commercial extractor cleaning solutions in London at your earliest convenience.

Receive A Post Clean Report From ROsmart Cleaning

After the cleaning, however, our team here at ROsmart Cleaning continue to provide a comprehensive report with photographic proof of the job completed. This also includes a ventilation schematic that lists all the ventilation parts, including entry doors, turning vanes, fan units, silencers, etc.

The schematic emphasises any areas of the ventilation system that need to be made more accessible for future cleanings, in addition to highlighting the areas that have been cleaned. Our fully trained team can provide a complete report highlighting the cleaning service you have received.

Our workers will immediately implement any accessibility suggestions our technicians trained in grease hygiene make during the next service call. All you need to do is speak to us today!

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It is clear that extracting and cleaning in London is essential, but these challenges can be overcome with the right strategies and cleaning methods.

Hiring a professional extraction and cleaning company like ROsmart Cleaning to help get the job done is an excellent way to ensure that all settings are routinely cleaned, sanitised, and disinfected.

ROsmart Cleaning will ensure not only the safety of your workforce but also any visitors that may come through.

ROsmart Cleaning’s experienced technicians strive to provide top-notch extraction and deep cleaning services if you need them. We aim to remove grease, dirt and debris to allow your airflow to flow clearly and smoothly.

Don’t hesitate – to contact ROsmart Cleaning today! We can provide you with extraction cleaning in London today!

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