Duct Cleaning

Grease and grime can build up in your kitchen ducts over time, impacting the performance of your kitchen and even posing a fire hazard. Our kitchen duct cleaning service removes all grease and grime, ensuring that your ducts are clean and safe.


Ventilation Cleaning

The regular inspection and cleaning of ventilation systems guarantees a perfect hygienic and technical condition of his ventilation system and can also contribute to energy savings. Contamination of the ventilation ducts leads to discrepancies in air flow, which has an effect on the indoor climate and thus on the indoor air quality.


Grease Filter Replacement

RoSmart Cleaning keeps your commercial kitchen running safely with restaurant hood maintenance and range hood grease filter replacement. Our professional team works hard to reduce grease accumulation in your exhaust system, to promote health and safety in your commercial kitchen.


Extraction Cleaning

Don't let grease build up in your extraction canopy – it can be a fire hazard and negatively impact the performance of your kitchen. Our extraction canopy cleaning service removes all grease and grime, leaving your canopy looking like new.

We use only the highest quality cleaning products to get the job done right.


Canopy Fan Cleaning

Removing buildup of grease from the exhaust system is the best method to prevent kitchen fires which cause hundreds of injuries throughout the UK each year. We take great care in canopy cleaning by using the most effective chemicals to remove all grease and buildup in the exhaust system. Any cleaning done near electrical wirings, such as fan modules, is done by dry cleaning.


Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

To suit your commercial timings we will provide a full kitchen clean including equipment such as cookers, fryers, grills, tables, shelves and other fabrications, using authorised cleaning products to ensure the cleaning is undertaken safely. This will be backed up with a full report and certificate post cleaning to provide to your insurance company with before and after photos


Pubs/Restaurant and Clubs Cleaning

We understand that first impressions count. Our team of experienced cleaners provide bespoke cleaning solutions to a wide range of hospitality establishments across the UK. Whether your venue is a traditional local pub, a restaurant, a trendy bar or a nightclub, appearance is the key to success and excellent hygiene standards are the very least your customers expect.


Post Construction and Building Site Cleaning Services

Whether you’re building a new development of homes, a shopping centre, or refurbishing an office block, we understand how much time and effort construction workers, project managers, architects, and designers put in to get the build right. Once the project has been completed, the site must be cleaned thoroughly, allowing your building to make a stunning first impression on the staff, visitors, new and potential customers, and stakeholders.


Carpet Cleaning

Stepping on carpets with shoes on is more like a norm now but it would be very impolite to stop your guests from doing this. Shoes carry particles of dust, which not only leave stains of dust on your carpet but also ruins the texture. After some time, you would notice how your shiny, white carpet is losing its complexion with every passing day. Our experienced in-house staff knows how to remove the deep-down dirt, stubborn stains and eliminate bacteria from the carpets. So, your Carpet remains in its best shape for the long run.

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